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Elevate Your Fixed Operations Performance. 

Driving Your Dealerships Revenue​.

Your Culture is your brand and service depends on who is receiving it and how they perceive it. Encouragement, Empowerment and a Vision .

We will design a service and parts strategy that will ultimately motivate your Dealership to deliver Total Quality Service.

  Through measurable and actionable steps, your Dealership will gain a strong culture (E.S.I), higher productivity, greater loyalty, CSI and ultimately the bottom line.  

                    1. Initial assessment, setting up your Dealership for success.
                    2. Know the Objectives, Principle, Purpose, ESI, CSI.
                    3. Establish a Game Plan and set attainable goals for your Team.
                    4. Conduct an On-Going Consultations and Observations.
                    5. Monthly follow-up on your Teams success for one year. 

3-Day Assessment/Orientation

  •  Prior to my visit I will send out a Parts and Service assessment asking the challenges and concerns you have in your Fixed Operations. From that information I will have an initial strategy for your Team and after meeting your Team, they will implement a further plan to have a service niche in your market.
  •  Tuesday morning/afternoon
    • On site observation of your Team regarding Customer Service System and assessing service consultant skills, technician performance and production along with parts operation support. Establish Dealership mission and message to the staff.
  • Wednesday and Thursday
    • Work with entire staff, develop a specific plan, consult and set attainable goals. 
    • Experience little or no down time for dealership staff and enjoy no extra expense for travel and key personnel being away from the dealership.
    •  Set attainable forecast for the year for your Team to reach their full potential.


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